Our Mission

“Dreams were never meant to just be thought about. Dreams are targets with which we set our gaze upon. Dreams are the mountains we find ourselves standing at the bottom of staring up saying to ourselves ‘sure would be awesome to see what is up there,’ but rarely do we have the grit and courage to dig our feet in and begin to blaze a new trail to actually summit the peak. I tell you, it is easy to dream. You will most likely dream today about something fantastic, but for most, that is where it will come to an end. But for those few who see the impossible as something to conquer and find joy in the struggles, those few will be rewarded with something that can never be taken . The courageous few will be rewarded with fulfillment, success, and a story no one else can tell.”

-The Traveling Rooster

What are your dreams? Mine is to see the world and bring the joy of being in the wild outdoors to as many people as possible. To spark the adventure flame inside all of us. That part of us that thirsts for a taste when we see others living out our dreams. Join me in this adventure.

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