The Christmas Spirit

“Generosity is not in giving me that which I need more than you do, but it is in giving me that which you need more than I do.”-Kahlil Gibran

Hey there everybody! I want to do a little something different on this post. Not so much a barrage of ideas and feelings about the outdoors or specific parts of it. I want to talk a bit about something that we at Traveling Rooster hold very dear to our hearts. If you haven’t noticed our motto at the end of every post and tagged in every picture posted, let me refresh you on the one that I find the most important. Live Generously. If we are understanding the meaning of both these words then we will see the impact in the other two parts of the motto, Love the Outdoors and Love People. Seeing as it is the holiday season and most folks are hustling around trying to keep up with gifts and new decorations and what not, I feel as though today would be a perfect day to start what I will call the 6 days BEFORE Christmas. With each day, I will be putting forth challenges for all of us going into the New Year. A few things that if we can only make part of our everyday disciplines then there will undoubtedly be a visual change in our lives and more importantly those around us.

Day 1

Monday, the beginning of most folk’s week as well as the beginning of a loss in sanity due to work, or whatever may come packing along with Monday. I have noticed throughout all my traveling, that there is no difference in what Monday is to the East coast, West coast and every part in between. This seems to be THE dreaded day. Most have finally recouped from the previous week, caught up on rest and boom, like a ton of bricks, Monday drops the hammer on you. Right back to the grind and whatever you escaped from on Friday. But there is just one little problem with that mentality and the submissive attitude of defeat that comes with most. We, as people, were never intended to be defeated, overwhelmed or stressed. There was from the beginning a purpose of joy, freedom and life that was intended for us, but throughout time we have, through personal and country wide endeavors, brought so many unnecessary things into our lives. We have this and that and what not requiring our every second. That is another talk for another day. The business isn’t even the worst part. The worst part is what that business does to us, and others. First, we no longer have the ability or energy to invest in others, be it your family, friends or strangers. Second, we don’t have time for ourselves, which is crucial. Lastly, and not to be taken lightly, we are losing days on our lives. Yes, I said it. Your stress and hectic schedule, however great you think you are at keeping up, is killing you. As for our motto, Live Generously, it is extremely hard to live if you are dying and be generous if the only person trying to take care of you is you. The chaos has made us, self-absorbed, consumed and very ingrown in the routines of our days. Who do you think about first thing in the morning? Who do you feed each meal? Whose time are you on? Most would agree that the answer to these questions all have one thing in common, YOU.


So how do we start to make each day more about others and less about us? Start by writing down your day to day for a week straight. Go through this schedule and identify things that are not needed (start with all the social media time you burn). Once you begin to see things that are not of a high enough value to have each day, start by taking one thing away each week. See how many things over the next few weeks you can eliminate. Let me warn you that it will be tough, you may even have withdrawals, but don’t fret, it’s the lust for your own comforts that are being battled against. Next, once you have gotten somewhat comfortable in this new routine, begin to look around for people, or situations that will in no way benefit you if you take your time to stop and assist in whatever capacity that may be. See when we have the vigilant eye of awareness for others we by lack of time, cannot be so consumed with yours truly. This also doesn’t always mean we must give away money. Generosity, comes in all shapes. We have our time, our energy, our resources, and the list goes on and on.

I bring this to light especially in the season in which we are in as a reminder that as much as we want to have the perfect holiday for ourselves, put yourself in Ebenezer Scrooge’s place post the ghosts of Christmas and change someone else’s holiday. I love you guys and want us to be as effective with our time as possible so that others may benefit from our freedom. Hope all has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Be sure to check in tomorrow for Day 2 of the 6 Days Before Christmas.

Love the outdoors. Love people. Live generously.

-The Traveling Rooster



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