Celestial Beauty

“We had the sky up there, all speckled with stars, and we used to lay on our backs and look up at them, and discuss about whether they was made or only just happened.”-Mark Twain

There have been many days I have spent wondering about the vastness of space. How many planets are out there, outside of our solar system? How many stars are there in the entire universe? What makes them so bright that I can see them when I know many of them are light-years away? I know what you are thinking; there are answers to these questions and the many more that we ponder over when searching the sky at night. The mysteries of space are hidden during the day because of the light from our sun. It masks the light from every star, even the haziness of the Milky Way Galaxy that is visible on the clearest of nights.

What does this have to do with traveling or even roosters? Nothing except the rooster signals the rising of the sun which means the passing of the night and if you do a lot of traveling you may spend many nights out under the stars. So if you take those two things in mind then it has very much to do with the Traveling Rooster.

I have spent many nights under the stars in my life. Whether camping in my tent all through my teens or backpacking at night down in Palo Duro Canyon, just outside my hometown of Amarillo, Texas. For as many times as I have seen the stars or a star, since not every night is clear, I have always been just as inspired and awed by the beauty, mystery and grandeur of the night. Those warm summer nights hold the same unchanging beauty that a cold and snowy winter night shows off to those willing to take a second to admire the night sky. If you grew up in a large city you may not know what exactly it is I am talking about, but most certainly have heard or seen other pictures that seem almost surreal. Their magnificence displayed in a way that any photo editor could only wish to create on a computer screen. Only recently have I learned then manor in which to take photos of the night sky allowing for even the smallest amount of light to be captured. Just like all views we see by our own eyes, it is so difficult to take photos that fully represent what it is you have witnessed.

Shooting Star

I’ll tell you what, if you haven’t experienced a night out under the stars, it is a must!!

This is just a little tangent I found myself thinking about again today and decided to put the thoughts into words because I know most folks understand what I am talking about. As a matter of fact, you can purchase your very own star and name it. Can you imagine a day in which you would be able to visit that very star in the blink of an eye? At the rate of technology advances we are bound to be close to such a capability. But never mind that side thought back to the stars!

The photos you see are taken from South Fork, Colorado on a trip I had taken this past year. I found no better place to witness the stars than the night sky in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. It is a must for everyone. Yes, I have been told that the Aurora Borealis tops all but I am extremely far geographically from a location required to witness such beauty.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season. There is very much anticipation for Christmas with my family and I. So to all, have a wonderful Christmas and remember the reason for the season! Also check out Grivet Outdoors for your last minute shopping efforts. That is all for now, enjoy the rest of your weekend and star warm.

Love the outdoors. Love people. Live generously.

The Traveling Rooster

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