My Hometown

“How strange is it to view a town you grew up in, not in the wonderment through the eyes of youth, but with the eyes of a historian on the way things were.”-Marvin Allan Williams

I am not sure this guy Marvin, really understood the deep truth behind this quote. See when we are raised as children we take for granted many things. We often overlook the schools we went to, the teachers we had, childhood friends we made, but I believe Marvin was seeing this from a building, and geographic point of view. The replacement of one restaurant for another, a small building for a larger one, different banks taking each others place, but I have to think the people that came and went and lives that changed along the way from their perceived projection are what stand out the most!

I didn’t grow up in a giant metropolis like Dallas Forth-Worth, or Los Angeles, or New York City where in 5 years the place can have a completely different feel or addition to it that begins to redefine a lot of what most came to know about their home city. I say city because that seems like the perfect word for places like those I listed above. I grew up in a town, not a small one by any means but does pale in comparison to a place like Dallas. Amarillo, Tx is where I call home and the place that saw every moment of my life from birth till now. Yes, I have lived in many other cities but whether through talking with my family or friends each experience finds its way back home.

That good ol’ Amarillo sky

What was the one thing you remember most about your childhood that has fundamentally changed since then? My memories of our whole family being in the same house every day is the biggest change that has happened in my life. I am most certain that most of you can relate with me in this. Growing up in a house with 3 sisters…. YES 3 SISTERS AND NO BROTHERS… there was an obvious cloud of estrogen I lived in. There was a consistent rain of switched moods, fits of tears immediately turning to joy. I compare it to the weather in Amarillo as well. It is 95 and clear till 4 pm then within an hour we have 56 and softball sized hail preceding a tornado. I make no joke here, that was a childhood with women but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I had 2 good buddies growing up and they are still my 2 best friends to this day but like buildings coming and going, only one of them lives in Amarillo to this day with his family. The other is in Germany flying helicopters for the Army, and traveling each weekend with his wife. I guess I can’t even say I live here now either. But that is the kind of changes that we accept and see about where we grew up. Whether you moved away for college or to start a family, coming home always brings new revelation about the way things are to the way they used to be.

The one way I find myself constantly flashing back to moments is through music. Music has an uncanny way to attach itself to memories so that at the playing of tunes you are transported back in time to those very moments, reliving the feelings, emotions of the particular memory. You don’t have to be in those places to have this happen. Matter of fact my last fishing trip I was listening to The Golden Road album by Keith Urban. His second CD and the foundation to a whole summers worth of memories. I was fishing in a beautiful river in southern Colorado all the while driving with windows down jamming to Keith on the backroads of Burkburnett, Tx. It’s moments like this that I find joy and freedom in. I love memories, even the bad because there is a peace that comes from them. The peace that assures you that you made it through that time. See my hometown is full of every type of memory and I love being able to come home drive down the old streets and see memories play in my mind from my youth.

I woke up this morning with an idea to reminisce a little about the good ol’ days. Hope everybody is having a fantastic day and staying warm out there!!!

Love the outdoors. Love people. Live generously.

The Traveling Rooster

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