It’s Time

“There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks. Most of the time we are simply not patient enough, quiet enough, to pay attention to the story.” –Linda Hogan

I am very pleased to announce our very first featured guest here at Traveling Rooster, Kris Schockelt. He is a photographer and has a passion and unique talent at capturing the moments we all dream about. As our quote for the post says about being patient or quiet, Kris is the opposite. He has taken his time and honed the skill it takes to fully capture nature in its most vulnerable state. I will say no more because the read will give you everything you wish to know. But I will show you a photo from his IG account that ought to spark your fancy. I would like to thank Kris for his willingness to give us his time and thoughts. The article will be up Friday the 2nd of December. So tune in tomorrow to check it out!

As far as normal day to day goes, I’m setting up all my travel plans for the next 2 months which include Colorado, Kansas, Utah, and maybe Montana. I am also taking recommendations to possible new places to explore! Hope everyone is having a blessed day!

Love the outdoors. Love people. Live generously.

The Traveling Rooster

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