My Cup of Joe

“Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.” -David Lynch

Coffee, cup of life, morning petrol, liquid joy, Java….. just a few names for that cup of goodness we rely on to get us going throughout the day. Whether you add two-hundred pumps of some sugary flavor or drink it dark and bold, we all seem to have that go-to brew that does the trick.

I find this especially true when I’m out camping in the aspens of Colorado. See each morning when the sound of the Conejos River wakes me with the music of its ripples upon the rocks my mind conjures up that smell we all know. That sweet aroma of coffee beans and life that tags along behind that beautiful smell. As for myself, I like my coffee dark, bold, and the way it was intended; black as the dirt in Orange County, New York. Yes, there are certain brands or shops I enjoy more than others but when it comes to brewing coffee on an open fire Folgers will do! This is my go to when conquering the great outdoors and any other adventure I’ve so bravely taken part in. It’s certainly part of my “survival kit” and I won’t leave without it.

Coffee also does something that we take for granted. Coffee stirs up places, people and experiences we’ve had. See smell and taste will chase memories like a coon hound hot on the trail of a raccoon. I cherish the flood of memories that hit me the first sip I take each morning all the way to those late night cups of unleaded that help me sink into sleep. I love coffee for all its awesome tastes but what keeps me coming back are the connections to so many experiences I hold fast to.

I’d love to hear about some of the awesome memories that coffee, in its supernatural way, conjure up inside of you .

Love the outdoors.  Love people. Live generously.

The Traveling Rooster


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